Monterey Bound!

Monterey Bound

In less than a week, I’ll be heading out to Monterey! I’ve made reservations at a new meeting place for dinner on Thursday night. It comes recommended by a local Ferrari owner and is the same shopping center as the place I chose last year. Let’s meet at 7pm for drinks, and I have a table reserved for dinner at 8pm. If you planning on coming, please let me know, so I can plan the size of the dinner reservation.

Rio Grill
CARMEL, CA 93923
Phone : (831) 625-5436
7pm drinks 8pm dinner

I’m making a side trip to see this GTE I’ve been talking about, and if you come to the dinner on Thursday night, you may even see pictures of this car! I’ve also got a couple of other leads on cars, so the dinner conversation should be scintillating!

My plans so far for the weekend is go to Concorso for Friday. If anyone wants to meet me at Concorso, I will be at the “Bridgestone Media Patio” at 11am. This will give us a chance to meet some of you in person and put a face to a name.

Saturday is a track day, and Sunday is Pebble Beach, but the schedule is still being formed.

e-mail me if you want to meet any other time, and I can send you my cell number.

See you in Monterey!

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