Independent Ferrari Service

Independent Ferrari Service


I was in the area south of Boston, so I decided to stop by IFS, Independent Ferrari Service, located in Easton Massachusetts. John Tirrell has always invited me to see his shop, so I finally got a chance.

The front lobby is nicely decorated with a bunch of Ferrari paraphernalia.
IFS Shop

In the shop was a mix of old and newer cars, but much of John’s business revolves around the newer cars along with maintaining and preparing Ferrari Challenge cars.

Although I know nearly nothing about such new Ferraris, it was still neat to see how these engines come out of the car in a sub assembly and to see how they’re put together. With a SD3 computer diagnostic equipment, John’s shop can service almost all the newest Ferraris.

Seeing a 275 GTB on the lift brought me back to my comfort level!
vintage motors

A separate engine building room showed a Dino engine and a 330GTC engine waiting to be reinstalled.

The engine assembly room also had the prerequisite wall of special tools fabricated or specially purchased to work on specific Ferrari engines. I’m sure as IFS continues to work on these cars, this collection of tools will continue to grow!

Reminder: If you’re looking for a Vintage Ferrari, or have a Vintage Ferrari for sale, please let me know. I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. I am not a broker, but occasionally hear of a good car for sale and love gettting them to the end user!

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