330 GTC 10799

330 GTC 10799: Motor mounts and Bumpers

motor mount

Our suspicions were confirmed when I pulled motor mounts out of the GTC we have at the shop. The right motor mount was torn from the rubber insulator and would have added undue stress to the drive line when the torque of the engine tried to turn in these mounts. Here you can see the new mount fitted in place on the casting that bolts to the engine.
motor mount

Laying the old mount next the the new motor mount, you can see the compression and the distortion of the old mount. Look at how the studs on the old mount are offset from years of deflection.
motor mount

Swapping these mounts was no easy task. Each car is different, and some give up their mounts easily while others fight you all the way. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the hardest, I would rate this car a “7.” The front header had to be removed, and the lower portion of the exhaust had to be disconnected so the engine could be jacked up. The broken motor mount came out without a problem on the right side, but the new one wouldn’t go back in as easily. I finally prevailed and got it lined up and installed. The left side was a little easier, but the exhaust still needed to be partially disassembled.
fuel pump

This week, I needed to remove some fuel lines on this car including the one down by the mechanical fuel pump. Unfortunately, with fuel in the tank, removing this line would cause the fuel to siphon out through this fitting, so the tank would have to be drained. Francois suggested I rig up the line from the output of the electric fuel pump, and pump the tank dry. That sure beat lying on my back draining the tanks with fuel running down my arms!
fuel line

This was the suspect fuel line leading from the tank to the fuel pump. It’s pretty crusty,so it was time to change it out.

David asked for us to look at the bumper fit on this car. They sit a little too far out so I took a closer look at what the painter had done. A whole bunch of things were discovered when I took a peek behind the front splash shield, but the bumper fit had a lot to do with the bumper bracket.

There was a slight bend to the bracket that was not allowing the bracket to fully seat in the receiver. After some heating with a torch and some blacksmithing skills, Francois and I got the bracket to slide all the way in. I’ll fit the left bumper and see what the issue is with the right one next week!

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