GTC 10799

GTC 10799: Fuel System and Half Shafts

fuel sender

The fuel sender came back from the rebuilder the other day, and it looks great. Before installing it to the tank, I checked its movement in corrolation to the fuel gauge, and it operated flawlessly. 
fuel filter

Continuing with the fuel system theme, I pulled the canister filter assembly. It is easier sometimes to remove the whole filter assembly as a unit instead of trying to simply change just the filter by removing the canister. It also gave me a chance to inspect the rest of the unit.

Well, it’s a good thing we pulled everything apart for a closer look. There was a ton of sludge at the bottom of the canister, and more of it clogging the filter assembly. Needless to say, the filter was pretty blocked up with rust and debris.
half shafts

While I was under the rear of the car, I pulled both axle shafts. They have torn rubber boots that need replacing, which I’m waiting for form my supplier, but at least the shafts are now on the bench waiting to be disassembled to have new boots installed.

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