PF Coupe 1747

PF Coupe 1747: Rear Window

Rear Window

The sagging headliner on David E.’s PF coupe warranted removal of the front and rear glass. The right way to attach the headliner to a car is by anchoring it to the window opening, so Francois and I tackled the rear window on David’s PF Coupe today. A couple of weeks ago, we looked at trying to get the window out without destroying the gasket, but upon closer inspection, we found the window was glued into the gasket with urethane cement. We were left with the only option to get a new gasket and cut the old one out.
Cut Gasket

Careful cutting, prying, and tugging first got the chrome trim piece out, then the actual glass. It was slow work, taking care not to break or bend anything.
mouse nest

With a heat gun, I softened the glue holding the headliner in place and I found more evidence of mice. The whole c-pillar area was filled with mouse bedding. The tell tale green pellets of mouse poison showed why I found five dead mice buried in among the bedding. Isn’t working on Ferraris glamorous?
dome light wires

After the bedding material was removed I found where the burned out dome light wires were.

I found the other end a couple of weeks ago when I pulled the dome light out. What’s interesting is the wires showed there was evidence of some heat when it shorted out years ago. Considering the location of the short was right in the middle of the bedding material, there could have been quite a fire behind that sail panel by the c-pillar. Imagine the scenario: opening of the door heats up the wire, shorting out in the mouse bedding. The owner closes the door, starts the car, and drives off. The short is hot enough to set the bedding alight, and soon the passenger compartment is filled with smoke as the foam and headliner catch fire. I hate mice!

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