Exhaust Shields and Houdailles

Exhaust Shields and Houdailles

Exhaust Shields

One thing that’s nice about being at Francois shop is the availability of other Vintage Ferraris to make parts from! David’s GTC at the shop is missing its exhaust shields and although I have templates for 250 and 330 2+2 shields, I didn’t have anything for a GTC. As luck would have it, another GTC came into the shop, so I borrowed the shields to make a copy. GTC shields are a little more complicated than the ones found on my 330 America, so I’ll have to make a buck to accurately copy them.
Houdaille shocks

I sent the Houdaille shocks from the PF Coupe to Apple Hydraulics in Long Island, NY, and Lazar sent me some pictures of the progress. Here they are about to be degreased.
Houdaille Shocks

A couple of days later I got these pictures of one shock all cleaned and ready for reassembly.

Reminder: If you’re looking for a Vintage Ferrari, or have a Vintage Ferrari for sale, please let me know. I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. I am not a broker, but occasionally hear of a good car for sale and can get them to the end user!

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