GTC Undercoating

GTC Undercoating

lines back in place

The patched frame section was ready for some undercoating after filling in some of the holes in the inner fender area. You can see the steel fuel line was protected in this area behind the front tire with a vinyl covering to keep stones and road debris from puncturing the fuel line.

I did not scrape off all the old undercoating, but took off what was loose. I applied some more “high build” undercoating to some of the freshly painted areas, and feathered in the edges. With some road dirt splashed up there, the patch will be a lot less noticeable.
brake fluid damage

On the other side of the inner fender, I wanted to work a little on the some damage done to the paint from spilled brake fluid. A bad master cylinder leaked onto the inner fender and peeled back some of the paint. It’ll be tough to paint this area without the fix being noticeable, but I wanted to get some fresh paint on the damaged areas. The other problem we were facing on this car is everything is covered with a layer of dust from the body work. As they sanded this car for paint, the body filler, primer, and paint dust permeated every surface on this car. In this flash picture, you can see a reddish hue on all the surfaces. Any painting I do on these areas will look extra black next to the parts with all this dust. Wish me luck!
steering wheel hub

Another little thing that bothered me was the steering wheel hub on this GTC. Someone had sanded the center hub on the steering wheel, but never finished the job with some polishing, so I did the final polishing on the piece. You can see the big difference on the right side of the picture. It’s one of those things that the owner will see everytime he gets in the car, and it should look nice!

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