PF Coupe Headliner and Grille

PF  Coupe Headliner and Grille

PF Coupe Roof

The Upholsterer was coming this week, so I prepped the roof of the car with some insulation. It’ll help keep the heat and cold out from the passenger compartment.

Quid, from “Quid’s Auto Upholstery” came to Francois’ shop to do the headliner and carpets on the PF Coupe. Quid brought his sewing machine and sewed in new material to the old headliner to replace the sections that rotted off. There was just enough of the headliner seams  to catch an edge and sew the new black muslin material. The freshly cleaned and painted top bows were inserted and brought over to the car for fitting.
headliner install

Quid carefully reinstalled the headliner and began the careful task of stretching and smoothing out the wrinkles in the old headliner. If this were a new headliner, a lot more force could be applied to the material to pull out the wrinkles, but with a 50 year old headliner, extra care had to be taken not to rip the brittle plastic or delicate stitching.

By the end of the day, the headliner was looking great. 90% of the wrinkles were eliminated, and more of it would disappear with the installation of the glass and trim strips. We were very lucky to have saved this original piece!

I removed the grille on the PF coupe to polish the grille a little bit.

A section of the grille was covered by a chrome trim piece, and with it exposed we could see how shiny the grille was when it came from the factory. I’ll clean up the grille a little to bring back the original shine.

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