330GTC Water Pump and Miscellanea

330GTC Water Pump and Miscellanea

water pump

The water pump seals arrived in the mail this week and I installed them to the water pump housing. The main portions to this seal kit include an oil seal, and a spring loaded seal that pushes against the rear of the impeller.

The aluminum housing on this water pump was a little corroded, but it was still serviceable. Much of this corrosion was from long periods of inactivity and the failure of the the anti corrosion additive in the coolant. Here’s another reason to run your engine and not let it sit for long periods of time! 
old shields

Another project we’re working on is to replace the crudely made splash shields on this car with correct shields.

I found a set of shields to make copies. There are a couple of compound curves on these shields, but shouldn’t be too hard to make. Once we get a rough shape, we’ll get it into the car for final fitting.
275 Ashtray

I was also working on a 275GTC ashtray the other day, trying to fix an annoying rattle, and I wanted to share this little detail. It’s more for me to have a photographic record of the inner workings of this ashtray so the next time I have to fix one, I’ll have pictures of one.

There’s a little switch the lifts the ground on the light turning off the light to the ashtray when the lid is closed.
330GTC holes

Speaking of reference pictures. I had GTC owner contact me about how many holes are on the two speaker enclosures on the rear deck. Although the GTC I’m working on did not have holes cut in its rear deck, I managed to take this picture of a restored GTC. I can’t vouch if this is correct, but it looks right. Anybody want to go out and count their holes to confirm?

Another little detail I need to work on with the GTC in the shop is the anchor point on the luggage strap. Here’s one from another GTC.

Like I said before, these pictures are for myself to reference for cars that I work on, or future cars that need the same details. If it helps me, then it may help someone else. You never know!

Thanks to everyone who have found the time to contribute to this website for the 2010 Pledge Drive. It means so much to me to know you find this website worth your time and that you appreciate the hard work it takes to bring it to you!

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