PF Coupe Headliner, GTC license Plate

PF Coupe Headliner


I installed most of the trim on the headliner on the PF Coupe, and it’s looking pretty good considering what it looked like when we first started. Quid managed to save the original headliner, and sewed in new support pieces so the headliner wouldn’t sag anymore. There are still a few minor wrinkles that we’re going to work on getting out, but I’m pretty satisfied with the look so far.
plate brackets

Moving on to the 330GTC at the shop, I needed to have the license plate brackets fabricated since they were missing on this car. Jay, the welder who helped with frame rail welding last month, worked on the brackets. Since we had another GTC in the shop, Jay had a perfect example to copy.
brackets installed

After carefully marking things out, and looking for the correct wiring, I had the new license plate mounted and lit up. This car is getting ready to go home!

These two cars have kept me pretty busy over the fall, but I can see these projects coming to an end. Francois and I have completed quite a bit of work in that time, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m excited about a big project coming soon, and I will share the details as soon as I can, but I would love to do more! Working at Francois’ shop has been a real joy, and just being around his shop working on the cars with him is a daily education. He has a knowledge base that spans over 40 years, and one way I have found how to tap into it is with the work I bring into his shop. If you have a Vintage Ferrari, and would like to have us work on it, let me know. I can document the progress for you much like I did for these cars, and in fact, you’ll probably have more access to the progress on your car through this website than if you sent it to a local shop! E-mail me with your thoughts, and I would be happy to discuss them with you!

The Pledge drive is doing well, and I would like to thank everyone who is participating. Every year this website is changing, providing more information and entertainment. The Vintage Ferrari Forum receives a lot of traffic from users all over the world, but some of its success comes from hands-on moderation. Changes in software have eliminated attacks from “bots” that try to register as users, but I have seen an increase in registrations from actual people who use their registrations to post spam on the forum. These rouge registrations are harder to spot, and have to be manually deleted when we discover they are fake users. Your pledges help motivate me to work on aspects of this website that keep it a nice place to visit. Thanks!

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