Boxer Comparison Podcast

Boxer Comparison Podcast

Boxer Shoot

Back in July my friend Dom Miliano and I shot and wrote an article for Forza Magazine. We had the opportunity to collect three Ferrari Boxer owners for a day of comparison and discussion, and photography. I’ve been waiting for the article to publish, but I have a small preview in the form of a Podcast to wet you appetite. Enjoy!

Boxer Key Swap Podcast

The December Pledge drive is over half over, and it’ll be over before you know it. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far. This podcast I recorded is the kind of stuff this website and contributions support. I would love to apply my talents to mainstream media, but it’s sometimes not so easy to convince some mainstream media that this is worthy of their time. Perhaps there will be a day when we can see content like this more widely available, but until then, I have a great outlet for my productions right here.

More Podcasts are available and with my newly created YouTube channel, so look forward to more!


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