Thanks for your Pledges!

Thanks for your Pledges!

I want to thank everyone for contributing to the 2010 Pledge Drive. Your pledges are extreemly helpful in keeping this website maintained. With 2.7 Gigs of data stored on this website and over 580mb of data transferred a day, it’s staggering to think about the amount of Vintage Ferrari Information is shared in a day, and you showed your appreciation.

Cornelis Buurman
Yale Evelev
Thomas Wilson
Morten Kragh-Mortensen
Anthony Mongillo
David Eichenbaum
Luke Kowalski
Thomas Carlin
William Taylor
Roger Hoffmann
Richard Garre
Al Pezzella
John Asp
John Vardanian
Drew Altemara
Zac Dugger
James Barta
Al Cartlidge
Lowell Brown
Thomas Knudsen
Wiliam McBride
Mike Plechaty
Sam Hallowell
Jim McNeil
Parker Hall
Tom Kizer
Stephen Ross
Cletus Gardenhour
Mark Valsi
Scott Shaw
Micheal Greenspan
Jim Ruth
Steve Metzler
John Barker
Paul Wehmer
Taro Ohno
Stephen Muzekari
Christian Scott
John Viereg
James Walker
Ed Long
Mike Meehan
Doug Fisher
Mark Travers
Scott Klion
Roger Shimmell
Kelly La Velle
John Tewksbury
David Crozer
Michael Bayer
Thomas Treue
Daniel Reese
Erik Newman
Robert Phillips
John Carlson
Andrew Brent
Jim Wickstead
Ron Gaeta
Mark Dempsey
Edward Montini

I want wish the  Vintage Ferrari Community and all visitors to this site a Happy New Year, and I look forward to all the neat things to come for 2011!

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