Nose Pan and Hood Bumpers

10799: Nose Pan and Hood Bumpers

Nose Pan

A lot of the major work has been completed on the 330 GTC at the shop, but there are still a bunch of little projects that need addressing. One project has been to locate a nose pan for the car that protects the radiator in the front of the car. Norbert Hofer of Grand Touring Classics in Long Beach CA made a copy of one and still had an extra one in stock, so we bought it and had it shipped to the shop.
GTC Nose

It’s a very nice piece, but with any Vintage Ferrari, it was not a direct bolt on part. No two Vintage Ferraris are exactly alike, not to mention there was some previous front end work done on our Ferrari, so adjustments had to be made to make the pan fit. Once installed, we completed another detail on this car.
splash shield

The splash shields my friend Jay is making for this GTC are taking shape. Templates were made from shields off another car, and new ones were formed from new sheets of aluminum. Several fittings were made on the car to fit these new shields, and eventually an exact fit will be made. A coat of paint and undercoating, along with a rubber gasket around this piece will finish off this shield and another part will be struck off the list of “to-dos.”
spring clips

I’m down to getting little details to finish on this car which included black oxide plating of the spring clips for the brake reservoir hoses.
hood bumpers

Another detail was to install some hood bumpers. The hood needed a little bit of adjustment, but was also missing several of these hood bumpers to help with the alignment. The process of shaving these bumpers down to the correct height is all part of getting the hood to sit perfectly on the car when it’s closed.

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