Finishing Up the Details

Finishing Up the Details

GTC Exhaust Shields

The 330 GTC is just about done and ready to go home. Its new fabricated exhaust shields were painted wrinkle black and installed.
heat shields

They do a nice job keeping the heat out of the engine compartment and dresses things up.
back together

I buttoned up the PF coupe interior after Removing and Reinstalling the heater core. Man, what a job!

I turned my attention back towards the heater hoses which got me into replacing the heater core in the first place. The correct hose was snaked into place along with the correct hose clamps installed.

I took a break from the heater hose just so I wouldn’t loose my mind. I wanted to fix a couple of broken clamps I found in the trunk. These clips hold the trunk panel in place, and couple of rivets were broken.

Luckily, all the pieces were found in the bottom of the trunk area, so all I had to do was make new rivets.

With both broken clips repaired, all four clips were now in working order.
trunk details

While I was back in trunk area, I took some pictures for my own records. There was a great thread in my Vintage Ferrari Forum with pictures of a very early PF Coupe. Taking pictures of original cars like this helps me keep notes on how these cars were detailed at the factory. I know one day, I’ll be working on another Series II PF coupe where I will have to reference these pictures!
trunk details

All sorts of details are revealed in these photos. The trunk area on this car is covered in black vinyl with binding sewn on some of the panels. There’s also a piece of vinyl glued on the brace that supports the trunk hold down.
trunk latch

This pictures shows the trunk latch mechanism with an aluminum cover.
trunk panel

Here’s the trunk panel installed with the repaired clips.

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Save the Date! Fourth Annual Radcliffe/ Spring Car Show on Saturday May 7th 2011. Richard Garre and I are looking forward to planning this show and more details will follow here and the Radcliffe Motorcar Company Website, but if you want to mark you calendar, the date to remember is May 7th, 2011!

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