Trashy Fuel and Rear Axle Leaks

Trashy Fuel and Rear Axle Leaks.

fuel rail

I was working on Michael’s 330 America, addressing some rough running issues. The carburetors are spitting a popping a little bit, so decided to take a closer look. The first thing I found was a lot of trash collecting in the fuel rail behind the banjo fitting.
fuel inlet

The small screens under the fitting were also clogged with debris. The dirt and fuel stains on this carb shows that the float may have stuck open from all this trash. These may be signs that the fuel filters are not doing their jobs and may need replacing. With my luck the fuel tank will be full and will have to partially drained before accessing the main filter!
GTE Carbs

Speaking on carbs, I began disassembly of the carburetors on the GTE, 2259. I wanted to check to see if all the parts were accounted for, and what would need to be done to get these carbs back in working order. It looks like the throttle shafts will need re bushing and the base plates straightened.
rear axle seals

I turned my attention to the rear axle on the Survivor GTE. All the seals were leaking more and more everyday as things were moved against the dried out seals. From the build up of dirt and oil at the bottom of the axle ends, you can see gear oil has been seeping out for years as this car sat.
differential seals

The differential was in the same shape. The pinion seal is an easy one to fix (right arrow), but the axle tube seal is a little more involved (left arrow). The dirt shows oil has been seeping out of the joint between the axle tube and the differential housing, but to seal this joint gets a little more involved.

While I was dealing with the rear end issues, I disassembled the rear u-joint to inspect the needle bearings.
front suspension

The front suspension was thoroughly cleaned to inspect the king pins and bushings. The plan is to first pull the front coil springs to check the movement of the control arms without a load.

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