Engine Compartment Detailing

Engine Compartment Detailing


The work continues on the Interim 330 we have at the shop. The valve adjustment has been completed, but there is still a lot of work to do. We want to detail the engine compartment, and there are a lot of little areas to address.
valve covers

One of the most obvious things that needed a fresh coat of paint was the valve covers. I have yet to find a powder coat finish that gives a coarse grain I like to see on Ferrari valve covers, so a rattle can is our method of painting. The wrinkle finishes is applied in a process of heating, painting, and reheating to get the right wrinkle finish. If there are any problems with the way the paint is laid up or with the heat applied, the finish will suffer and the process has to be started all over again. Touch ups rarely work.
Throttle linkage

The throttle linkage has three bearing stands that need wrinkle paint, but a previous owner left these un painted. We’ll need to disassemble the throttle linkage to paint these parts. The black oxide finish on the throttle linkages needed to be replated, so these were cleaned and put in the pile of parts for the platers.

The short throttle shafts that connect to the carburetors needed replating as well. The socket ends are clear cadmium plating, and the threaded rods and nuts are black oxide.
clear cad

I’m filling a box of clear cad plating so they can be cleaned and readied for plating. The one part that I’m not sure about is the horn compressor bracket. I think it’s clear zinc, instead of white cad, but I’ll make sure before I send it out for plating.
brake resevoirs

The brake resevoir bracket is badly rusted and needed plating, but it first had to be disassembled so the third plastic resevoir could be removed. One bracket piece is pop riveted in place, and has to be drilled out to remove the plastic resevoir. Next, we’ll sand blast the bracket and ready if for plating.
koni shocks

I’m still collecting parts from the various rebuilders for the Survivor GTE. The shocks came back from Koni after rebuilding. We may have to press out a couple of eye bushings, but otherwise they’re ready to go back on the car!

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