Fiddly Ferrari Bits

Fiddly Ferrari Bits

dash out

Michael’s 330 America has been at my house too long, but the pieces from all the various subcontractors are converging at my house in NY! The newly painted dash pieces were ready to install in the car, but it took several hours of prep before I could even get an assembled dash. The glove box had to be installed along with the leather covered knee pad. The vents had to be popped back in with appropriate felt liners and controls had to be connected and tested. After the wiring to the cigarette lighter and glove box door light were installed, I could then pop rivet the leather covered dash to the painted portion of the dash.
getting closer

With the dash firmly attached to the car, I could then start installing the gauges. Some of the openings had to be sanded a little because the extra paint wouldn’t allow the gauge to fit in their respective holes. It was a lot of fiddly little bits, but I made good progress.

At Francois’ shop I had another project requiring a lot of fiddling. A 365GTC was back from a paint job and I had to reinstall all the parts.

365GTCs are different in outward appearance from a 330GTC in the subtle change on under hood venting. 365GTCs have hood mounted vents while 330GTC have venting in the form of “gills” along the quarter panels. With fresh paint, there is always a little bit of fitting involved, and the hood vents required some careful filing of the extra paint around the openings to allow the vents to mount properly.
license plate

Every assembly on these Ferraris are made up of dozens of little pieces. I counted 30 individual parts from brackets to screws that made up the license plate holder, and that’s not including the license plate or each light assembly!
rear window

The rear windows on a GTC are fixed, but took some time to secure properly and weather seal. Once I got the hang of the left window, the right window went quicker. Next week, I have to work on the doors!

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