Assembling a 330 America

Assembling a 330 America


I got Michaels’ 330 America back in April with a job that started out replacing the heater hose and changing the oil. When we discovered the heater core was leaking, the job became a lot more involved. Even though I could have fixed the heater core in less than week with only a couple days of work, Michael decided to go ahead and have all the interior dash pieces repainted. Since the dash had to come out to pull the heater core, that was the time to have the scratched and worn dash painted.

After a several weeks, all the pieces came back, and I spent the weekend putting everything back together.

There are a ton of little parts involved when taking the interior sheet metal out for painting, and one part involved installing new window felts. The orignal felts on early cars were secured with sheet metal screws, but later cars used pop rivets. A daub of black paint on the rivets help hide them from view when all this is installed.
knock offs

On the list of “to-dos” on this 330 America was to re-do the knock offs. Cork Adams of Precision Wire Wheel tries his best to meet your dealine, but you have to compete with other cars about to go to Pebble Beach. Luckily, these pieces arrived in decent time.

Before installing the knock offs, I replaced all the grease that was stripped from these pieces before putting them on the car.

The wheels looked beautiful, but it made the tires look awful! I took them outside and gave them a good scrub down and tire treatment. Now the deep dark color of the tires really make the wheels look shiny!
on the ground

The car is now resting on her newly refinished wheels and just about ready to go home. I still need to do a carb adjustment, but other than that, she’s done!

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