Interim Floors and Misc Painting

Interim Floors and Misc Painting


The Engine compartment detailing is just about done. Once the gas tank is installed, we’ll be able to prime the fuel bowls and fire her up!
Air cleaner

Unfortunately, with the nice clean engine compartment, the air cleaner now looks a little ratty. We’ll strip it, and put a fresh coat of paint on it to match the rest of the engine.
floor section

There was one section of floor pan on this car that needed repair, so I had our fabricator make a replacement section of floor.

He matched the edges to the factory piece for the spot welds and it’s ready to be welded in place.
nose pan

The radiator pan also needed painting before I reinstalled it on the car. It’s showing some bumps and scrapes, so I straightened it out a little bit before applying a fresh coat of semigloss black paint to this panel.

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