330GT Prepping for Paint

330GT Prepping for Paint


A Series II 330GT that has been at our shop is on its way to paint. The engine has been rebuilt, but the owner has been trying to pick the right shop to paint the car. Prices for paint vary widely, and the owner wanted to get the best price balanced with a quality paint job. He has looked at various cars that we had painted by various local painters and made up his mind. Our job now was to strip the car car so the car can be sent to the paint shop.
rear bumpers

All the bright work and lights needed to be removed, marked, and stored for the time the car is away from paint. I took notes on things that would need fixing, and how it would go back together in a few months.

The overall condition of the paint on this car would be considered “rough,” and a fresh paint job will do a world of good for its overall look, but there are a ton of little parts that may look worse with fresh paint that no one would have noticed before. These trim screws that hold down the grille are supposed to chrome plated, but have rusted over the years.

The prancing horse in the grille will look pretty dingy when mounted back on the car with fresh paint. All these issues will have to be brought to the owner’s attention so he can decide what to do.
door trim

Most of the stainless trim on this car is in good shape, but some of it will have to be removed so the car can be properly painted.

The side vents had to be removed and disassembled, and the vent pieces included with the the car for painting. The chrome trim around the vents should probably be plated as well to keep from putting old chrome back on the car. We’ll show these pieces to the owner as well.

Both front and rear windows were removed and new gaskets are on order.  After two days, the car was stripped and ready to send to the painters.

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