7039: 275GTS Research

paint chip

Ever since we found the 275GTS that had been parked since 1974, I’ve been finding yellow paint under the light blue paint top coat. We would love to return this car to the original color, but I wanted to confirm the original paint color with original factory information. I called a friend of mine that is a long time Ferrari Historian and has original Pininfarina build information when these cars were delivered to Ferrari. Luckily, he has 275GTS information as well.
orignal paint

It turns out the original color on this 275GTS was Azzuro Metallico (19278M), which is a light blue metallic. The interior was listed as Zucca (3104), or Pumpkin. The car was originally sold through Crepaldi, a well known dealer in Milan, and was delivered with a MPH speedometer. All the physical evidence seemed to support this Pininfarina information. The most interesting thing was looking closely at the paint layers on this car. Below the yellow paint, there was still a trace of this Azzuro Mettallico, so this car was repainted twice after it left the factory in about 8 years!
steering wheel

One place I could use some opinions on is the color of the steering wheel. I’ve refinished many steering wheels in the last several years, but all of them have been a dark cherry/mahogany color, but the steering wheel on this 275GTS is much darker than what I am used to seeing. I have seen steering wheels this dark before on other cars, but am wondering if anyone has any information on why this wheel is so dark?
steering wheel color

I don’t believe the color could be from the effects of UV, but I’m not leaving anything out of the question.

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