Another GTE Finds a New Home

Another GTE Finds a New Home


Back in August I mentioned I found another GTE for sale, and it didn’t take long for me to find a buyer. The deal went down without a hitch, and everyone was happy at the conclusion of the sale. The seller owned this car for over 30 years and had a lot of fun driving this Vintage Ferrari in the San Jose area. Mike remembers when GTEs were considered second class citizens at Ferari events in the 70s and 80s, but always cherished his car.
1974 purchase

When he bought this GTE in the 70s, she had sustained some front end damage that required a lot of searching for a replacement grille, bumper, and associated sheet metal, but the repairs were completed, and the car was painted red in the 80s.
sometime in the 80s

This is a picture of the car car Mike took with the completed bodywork and fresh paint several years ago.
original color

Here’s Mike showing me the original hood sporting the orignal color of the car.

After over 20 years of use, the car could use new paint and interior, and the engine is also showing its age. I’ve known Mike for many years, sharing information about our cars, and keeping them running, but he decided it was time to find this car a new home.

The car was picked up this week, and the new owner plans to do a complete restoration on this car. Welcome to GTE ownership Jamie, I know Mike is pleased to see his old girl go off to a good home.
window crank

I always love digging through the parts inside old Ferraris still with many of their original pieces. This GTE has electric windows, and Mike had the window crank that slides into the hole that lines up with the electric motor! All GTEs and 330 Americas have this hole, but only the ones with electric windows use it for the crank.

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