Visiting Other Shops

Visiting Other Shops

2259 Foam

One of the fun things I get to do is to visit shops to drop off work. It’s a good chance to see what other projects they’re up to and sometimes learn something new from the craftsmen that do automotive restoration. I stopped by Quid Blankley’s shop to drop off foam and seats from 2259 so he can get started on reconstructing the foam under structure and sew in new supports for the original covers. We had a long discussion on what I’d like to have done with the reconstruction and I’m looking forward to seeing how he makes out.
golf clubs

Quid showed me a golf club bag he was asked to make that matches an interior to a vintage car he reupholstered.

He used the same skills to upholster an interior for making this bag, and it’ll look great in the trunk of the finished car.
nose pan

I stopped by next door at “The Panel Shop” to check up on another car project we’ve been managing. It’s a 365GTC/4 I’ve mentioned in the past, and The Panel Shop was doing the metal work on the car. It’s getting ready to head to the paint shop, so the owner’s pretty excited. Sitting on the car was a nose pan they copied from an original pan.
nose pan

This pan is the first thing that hits curbs and parking stanchions under the car and often gets damaged, so these fiberglass reproductions could be popular.

When the new one was made, extra fiberglass reinforcements were added to make the piece a little stronger.

If anyone is interested in one of these, I can see what it’ll cost to make more.

Reminder: If you have a Ferrari related project, car, or idea you’d like to explore, I’d love to talk to you. I can also help if you’re thinking of buying or selling. This website represents what I love to do, and now it’s how I make a living, so if you’d like to do something together, let me know. It all begins with an e-mail!

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