2011 December Pledge Drive

2011 December Pledge Drive

It’s pledge drive time again, and your pledges help keep this website moving smoothly. This year we surpassed 3 gigabytes of data on my server which may not sound like a lot, but that accounts for nearly 9000 images I’ve taken and posted to the journal entries, not to mention the images people post to the Vintage Ferrari Forum. Looking to the future, I upgraded the server for more space and bandwidth so I can continue to meet the demands of a still growing web community, but enough of the technical stuff, let’s review what happened in 2011.

January almost always brings me to Cavallino, and this year was no different (click on the picture)

Cavallino may have been fun, but I had more fun visiting a fellow Ferrari owner and poking through his collection of stuff.
daytona spyder

I worked on a bunch of different cars this year. This Daytona Spyder needed some new oil seals on the transaxle.

This Series I 330 needed a good tune up and general service.

I even found time for my personal car, and finally sorted out the brakes, and in the process, helped many others with the correct parts to rebuild the brake equalizer unit.
two Ferraris

I continued prepping 1747 for the National Ferrari show and received a new car at the shop. It was a 250GTE that was parked in 1969, and I managed to get it for a customer interested in preserving this car as a “survivor car.” The process began in April.
Radcliffe Party

May brought on the annual Radcliffe/Tomyang.net Spring car show in Maryland. It’s gotten bigger, and we’re finally feeling like we got the hang of putting on a car show!
PF Coupe

I headed down to Savannah in June to show 1747 at the FCA National Event. An article on this special PF Coupe appeared in Forza Magazine the same time!
Quail Party

Fast forward to August in Monterey where this year I manged to score space at the Quail Lodge for a Tomyang.net gathering.

I got to spend some time at Pebble Beach and meet John Surtees!

Plenty of work was waiting for me when I got back the the East Coast.

The GTE project was progressing nicely, and there was lots to share on the website.

Just when you think there aren’t any more barn finds, another pops up! This time it was 275GTS that a customer of ours purchased. It needs a full restoration after sitting in a garage for nearly 40 years, but we’ll all get to watch this car come back to life on this website!

Looking back on 2011, I realized I had a very busy year, and I was happy to share it with you all on this website. It was great to see some of you in person at the various events and shows I attend or host, but for those that can’t join me in person, I hope the pictures, videos, and stories offer the next best thing. As much as I now make a living at working on Vintage Ferraris, this website still allows me to share my passion with everyone around the world. If you feel you’ve benefited from this website, consider a pledge to keep this community alive and growing. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring to the Vintage Ferrari world and I hope you’ll join me!

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Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you like what you see on this website.

Tom Yang

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