7039: 275GTS Dash and Engine Removal


The dashboard came out this week and it needed to be disassembled so three shops could do their work. The padded portion will go to the upholsterer, the chrome trim will go to the plater and the wood portion will go to the carpenter.

With the padded dash removed, I had access to the screws that held in the chrome trim.
dash hole

The wood dash will need a hole filled by our wood specialist. A previous owner installed a radio by crudely cutting a hole in the center of the dash. The wood dash on vintage Ferraris have wood veneered faces, and we’ll have to match the species of veneer with the original laminiate after the holes are filled.
dash wiring

With the dash removed, the all the dash wiring was exposed and I had easy access heater core and ignition switch.
ignition switch

Even though I took notes and made drawings of the ignition switch, I took the extra precaution of photographing the wiring. Digital technology has really helped the process of restoration because I can take as many photos as I want with my digital camera without having to processes it at the lab. It also helps to preview the pictures with a digital camera to make sure the picture is clear before moving on. In the past, one would not know if the photo was clear enough until the roll of film was developed several weeks later after everything was disassembled and too late to retake the photo. Also, without Digital photography, we wouldn’t even have this blog! Let’s take moment and thank the development of digital technology!
heater box

I took the heater box out from under the dash and found a crudely made replacement door. I’ll have to find the correct door to put back in the car.

We unhooked all the various pipes, linkages, and mounts from the engine, and pulled it from the car. It was covered in a layer of grease and dirt and was in desparate need of the washing. We’ll power wash the excess grease and dirt before taking it apart to avoid bringing unnecessary dirt into the parts washer.
engine compartment

With the engine out of the car, we can begin removing the front brake lines, fuel lines, steering box, and wring harness.

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