7039: 275GTS Suspension and Parts Cleaning


The suspension was next on the list that needed to come off. 

As the parts were removed, I took notes on how the pieces were oriented and how many spacers were installed at the A-arm mounts so we could get the camber settings close when the parts go back on.

The brake parts were sand blasted and inspected. The caliper frames will be sent out for plating while the brake caliper pistons will be sleeved and rebuilt.

With the engine out of the car, I wanted to get the heavy grease and dirt off before tearing apart the engine.

A good soaking in engine degreaser and a power washing took off most of the grease and some of the loose paint.

The transaxle got the same treatment.
front suspension

After the rear suspension was broken down and sorted, I turned my attention to the front suspension.
front suspension

After a little while, I had all the pieces on the floor and so more labeling and inspecting could be done. The hub and ball joints will be broken apart and cleaned. Next in the process was the removal of the steering box and associated pieces.
suspension pieces

As I worked on removing the parts and labeling, Alvin, our shop helper, spent time with the suspension pieces at the parts washer and sand blasting cabinet. We’ll remove the bushings and send these parts out for powder coating.
suspension pieces

We started separating parts for the various finishes. Some pieces need paint, while others need plating. As we accumulate all the parts, we’ll send them out in batches.
rear suspension marks

We also took notes and pictures on markings made on the springs before the paint was removed. These marks were made by the Ferrari factory to aid in the assembly of the suspension pieces, and we’ll replicate these marks on the springs after powder coating.

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