275GTS 7039

275GTS 7039: Floorpan Replacement

GTS floorpan

After stripping the car, we found most of the structure of this Ferrari convertible to be pretty sound. The floors had the typical water traps that caused the original unpainted surfaces to rust through. We decided to go ahead and have our “floor guy” replace the rotted floor sections with newly fabricated pieces. The job began by carefully removing the original panels so templates could be made and sections fabricated.
weld through primer

Once all the rusty and thin sections were removed, the surfaces were cleaned and a weld through primer was painted on all the mating surfaces. Ferrari did not paint any of these panels, and if there was any water present, they rotted away pretty quickly. Any amount of paint or surface prep will go a long way to making these floor last a lot longer.
floor pan sections

Jay took the old panels to his shop and fabricated new pans to install the next day. None of these pans have right angles so they’re all trapezoidal in shape. The hand made nature of these cars even show in the way the floor pan sections were installed. The original panels were pretty crudely attached and although we tried our best to replicate the original floors, I couldn’t help but ask Jay to improve some of the work.

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