330GT Repairs

330GT Repairs


A Series I 330GT 2+2 was dropped off at the shop with a list of about 5 items, so I put her up on jack stands to try and get the car in and out!

The radiator had developed a leak so the hood had to come off for the radiator to come out. We sent it out to our radiator guy to take a look at it.
front hub

The owner said he was hearing some noise from the front right wheel and suspected a wheel bearing was going bad, so I took a look. It definitely had some play in the hub, so I pulled the hub off and found a disintegrating outer wheel bearing.

The bearing cage was broken and a couple of the ball bearings were MIA.

The bearing spacer was showing some bluing from excessive heat, so bringing the car in for service was done just in time!

Speaking of 330s, Ben sent me pictures of his RHD Series I 330GT several months ago from a show he attended. It was a lot more finished than when I saw it over a year ago In Oceanside, CA. Here’s the original post about Ben’s 330GT.

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