Happy New Year and Thanks for your Pledges!

Happy New Year and Thanks for your Pledges!

Thank you to all of you that donated to the 2011 Tomyang.net Pledge drive. It’s always nice to know I have your support for this website and that you make the extra effort to show your appreciation. I’m looking forward to 2012 and what exciting things are in store for us in Vintage Ferraris!

J Wicktsead
W Taylor
J Barker
S Hallowell
S Ross
J Asp
G Corbett
G Alverez
J Wilmes
R Gaeta
A Mongillo
D Hudson
C Youngberg
Y Evelev
P & J Vardanian
L Brown
C Rahm
J Ruth
M Kolb
T Ohno
O Callahan
M Dempsey
J McNeil
R Hoover
D Altemara
S Meltzer
J Cuccio
C Gardenhour
A Cartlidge
M Gorski
J Carlson
D Reese
P Hall
R Cranshaw
S Smith
T Wilson
D Fisher
M Greenspan
D Minnick
E Long
E Newman
A Murray
S Klion
Z Dugger
G Bearden
R Garre
M Meehan
T Gardiner
B Phillips
B Galdston
T Waller
R Shimmel
M Travers
T Treue
D Crozer
S & A Shaw
R Leander
D Eichenbaum
K La Velle
J Viereg
A Suckewer
J Barta
R Phillips
J Tewksbury
M Bayer
L Kowalski
D Suanders
J Walker
R Palmer
S Lapp

If you donated and don’t see your name on this list, I apologize in advance. Please contact me and I’ll correct the issue!

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