330 Engine Rebuild

330 Engine Rebuild

Ferrari Engine

A new customer dropped off an engine at the shop today. It came out of a Series I 330GT 2+2 that had been parked for at least 15 years. After purchasing the car, the new owner immediately began tearing into the car to begin a full restoration. He’s leaving the engine rebuild to us along with some of the other mechanical items.

As the engine was disassembled and cleaned, it became clearly apparent why this car was parked for so long.
dropped valve seat

Three cylinders showed dropped or missing valve seats. The cylinder heads showed damage from parts of the valve seats disintegrating and smashing against the head and the piston.

I disassembled the heads so we could get the heads down to our machine shop.
cylinder heads

From the damage to the cylinder heads, we can see the previous owner drove this car a little bit before parking the car for good. It brings a new meaning to “ran when parked!” Our machine shop will have some extra work building up the heads with weld before machining pockets for new seats, but when we’re done, everything will be good as new.

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lusso transmission

A client of mine has a Lusso Transmission for sale. It’s a 250 4-speed transmission. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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