275GTS 7039

275GTS 7039: Floors and Doors

seat rails

With the new floor pans installed, we reinstalled the seat rails. Jay and I carefully positioned the rails from drawings, measurements, and the placement of the rails using the seats as a guide.
seat rails

There was a little room to play with on the mounting holes, but we wanted to get these aligned as accurately as possible.
new rails

The driver’s side rails needed a little more adjustment since we had to make new mounts. A previous owner had removed the original mounts to raise the height of the seat, but we wanted to return it to the original height and position.
door hinges

With the floors completed, we’re getting close to sending the body to “The Panel Shop” for the rest of the body work, but we had to address the door hinges. The alignment of the doors is very dependent on how accurately the hinges move. If there is any wear in the hinge pivots, all the work on getting the doors to line up will be a waste of time.

I found a couple hinges showing wear, so we removed them for a closer inspection.

Francois and I found one hinge with a broken weld that made the hinge rotate in along the wrong axis, while another hinge had a worn hinge pin. We’ll have to do the proper repairs to these hinges before mounting the doors for the body work.
powder coating

More parts came back from the powder coaters for the 275GTS suspension. It’s such a nice feeling when I see old rusty parts get transformed back into clean new parts again!


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