March Miscellanea

March Miscellanea

rear suspension

The 275GTS going through a ground up restoration at the shop is headed to the bead blaster for paint stripping, but work continued with the sub assemblies. The suspension parts have all been powder coated and reassembled with new shocks and bushings. The brakes have also been rebuilt and installed.

The header pipes and y-pipes were cleaned and repaired before I sent them out for ceramic coating. They should be back in a couple of weeks.

The owner of the 330 engine that’s being rebuilt at our shop brought his transmission for rebuilding. He took the overdrive unit to a specialist to rebuild, and we’ll mate the pieces together when both units are rebuilt.
transmission gears

I spent the afternoon learning the process of rebuilding the transmission. Francois showed me the steps and tricks of the hidden lock ring holding the main shaft together. It was a lot to absorb, but fascinating stuff. There were signs that someone had been inside this transmission before replacing one synchronizer, but many of the other rebuildable parts remained. We’ll be a little more thorough with this rebuild to insure a smooth transmission!

Another customer had a set of Borranis rebuilt and asked me to get the tires mounted and balanced. He liked the way I wound lead wire on the spokes the way it was done back in the early 60s and asked to do the same with his wheels.

I brought my spool of lead wire and kitchen scale to my tire shop and installed the weights. It takes a little more time and patience, but I think the results give the wheels a nice vintage look!


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