David Levy

David Levy

David Levy, well known Australian Ferrari restorer, fabricator, and enthusisast passed away on March 20th 2012 after a long fight with Cancer. I met David during my visit to Australia several years ago, and was astonished at the variety of Vintage Ferraris and fabrication skills found in a suburban shop south of Sydney. I wrote about my visit in two parts:
12/21/05: Sydney Ferrari Shop, Part I
12/22/05: Sydney Ferrari Shop, Part II
I was so excited to have found such a gem of a shop in Cronula, and it wasn’t until later I had learned from other friends of David that Levy was in the midst of his battle with cancer during my visit. I had no idea, and David showed no signs that the disease was going to slow him down despite the prognosis.
personal project

David had a personal project that he worked on whenever he wasn’t working on customer cars, and it was something that really showcased his skills as a multi-tallented craftsman.

Through the years, I’ve been keeping tabs in this project through fellow Ferrari friends “down under” and most recently was sent these photos from John Bishop of the completed car and the word that David was proudly displaying his work at many Australian car shows.

I’m saddend to hear that was lost such a talented man, and I know he will be missed by all of us.
David Levy
Photo J Bishop
Services will be held at the Sutherland Crematorium on April 4th 2012, at 9:00am.

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