Boxer Fuel Lines and Washing Cars

Boxer Fuel Lines and Washing Cars


A Boxer was at the shop fixing a fuel leak. This is about the most modern car we work on and is practically a new car to me until I remember it was built in the early 80s, THIRTY YEARS AGO!
fuel lines

A bad leak that dripped on the floor below this Boxer brought the car into the shop. It didn’t take long to find one of the fuel tank output hoses was leaking. Looking closer, we could see all the hoses were original on this car, and if one rubber hose was leaking, we decided to go ahead and replace all the hoses which included the connector pipe between the fuel tanks.

The faulty hose was completely disintegrated, and it looked like some of the fuel was actually eating through the rubber from the inside out! Built 30 years ago, Ferrari may have used hoses that were compatible with fuels in the 80s, but as fuel formulas change some the modern distillates may react differently to the hoses made back then. Replacing them with what’s available today may give you a better chance at avoiding this kind of damage.

The hoses on main pipe connecting the two fuel tanks in the Boxer were also showing signs of age.

Since this hose is at the lowest point of the fuel system, this crack could have turned into a leak that would have sent all the fuel onto the floor, not a pleasant discovery when you go to flick on the lights in your garage! If you own a Boxer, at the very least, take a look at these hoses to make sure you don’t see cracks or weeping. The connector pipe is right in front of the engine and has a drain plug in the center of it. There are two fuel pump pick up hoses that are tucked up in the rockers just ahead of each fuel tank. The connect to the fuel pumps/fuel filter assemblies.

Our local auto parts store does not stock these large diameter fuel hose, but our Ferrari parts supplier has ready cut pieces to replace the three soft hoses for the bridge pipe. Oftentimes, paying the “Ferrari Tax” is worth the convenience over wasting our time looking for parts!

Francois has been driving the survivor GTE around town to break in the engine a little bit. Since the car is headed to California to its owner soon, we want to make sure it’s as good as it can be before it leaves. We’re putting some mileage on this car so we can do a final valve adjustment, head torque, and oil change so the owner will be good to go. I also wanted to get a chance to give this car a good detailing. Even after several washings, the paint was a little dull due to the fact that this car sat in storage for over 40 years. Microscopic particles of dirt and paint oxidation needed to be removed to really make this car shine.

I removed some of the badges to get to the dirt that has accumulated over the years, and pretty soon the paint started coming back to life!


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