330 Engine Accessories

330 Engine Accessories

carb studs

The engine disassembly for the 330 engine that was shipped to us continued this week with the accessories which included a carb rebuild. The owner is doing a complete restoration on this car in Texas, so we’ll be matching his work by sending the various parts on the carbs out for plating before reassembling. I also repaired some of the stripped air cleaner studs with timeserts.
water pump

The water pump assembly needed to rebuilt as well, but it had to come apart first.

I found our first problem with this engine when a crack was discovered on the water pump housing. From the dirt in the crack, it looks like this damage was from a previous repair. Unfortunately, the rest of the water pump cover was pretty stuck. No amount of heat and careful prying would release the cover. Either something was used to glue this cover in place because of the crack, or the steel studs were seized to the aluminum cover. Whatever the case, I’ll have to find another way to get this cover off.
fuel pump

The fuel pump came apart pretty easily and looks easily rebuildable, but first the steel cover and exterior screws will be sent out for plating.

The 330 engine is largely disassembled and the block, heads, crank, and rods will be ready to be sent to the machine shop. I promised the owner of this engine that we would rebuild it as soon as possible to meet his restoration schedule, and besides the water pump issue, we’re right on schedule!


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