Monterey Thursday

Monterey Thursday

I had a big day Thursday with a schedule jammed packed with things to do ending with a big cocktail party I was hosting at Quail Lodge, but before I could begin my day I had some logistics to work out. A friend of mine from Los Angeles called me a few days before I left for Monterey to ask a favor. His shop in LA had a client showing his Ferrari 500 Superfast at Quail Lodge on Friday, and was wondering if I could help out the client in Monterey. Always happy to lend a hand, I agreed to be on the receiving end at Monterey, handle the logistics of delivering the car to the lawn at Quail, and return the car safely to a trailer bound for Southern California. Since I was staying with my good friend Michael Clark at Quail, we had plenty of safe private parking for the Superfast next to Larry’s GTE, and within easy walking distance to the show.
Pebble Beach Tour

As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished,” the shop was late in delivering the car, so the truck was not able to deliver the car first thing in the morning on Thursday. Since I already missed the start of the Pebble Beach tour where entrants to the Concours drove their cars in a drive, I tried to catch some of the cars driving by on highway 1 south of Monterey.
Ocean Ave

Throughout the day, I was in constant communication with the owner, the shipping company, and the driver trying to get a delivery window, all the while trying to enjoy my “free” day to see the cars.

Ocean Ave was packed with people and it was nearly impossible to see any of the cars, but I soon had to leave anyway to receive the 500SF.

The car from Los Angeles was gorgeous. Eric had done a great job on this car and the owner should be very proud. There was hardly any time to waste as I had just enough time to drive the SF onto the lawn, park it, run back to the house, pick up the GTE, and place it next to the reception at the Lodge!
quail party
photo D. Ching
The party at the Quail was a great success, with the usual mix of old and new Ferrari owners and enthusiasts. I was so distracted with the guests, the cars, and the talk about cars, I never got a chance to take pictures! I hope to get some from the attendees to post with this entry, but a good time was had by all!


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