Concorso 2012

Concorso 2012

early o'clock

I couldn’t sleep the night before Concorso, so I was up before dawn to get the GTE to the show. Driving over from Carmel, I took my favorite route across Lurales Grade Road, finding the sweet spot of safe and spirited driving! The fog was still hanging in the air when I found my spot on the lawn. The next step was to find some coffee!

As usual with the weather on the peninsula, the fog burned off, and day turned bright and sunny. There were three GTEs in total at the show, Rick’s black one, Ken’s dark blue one, and Larry’s grey one.
seeing red

Even though there were no red 250s on the show field, we had plenty of red Ferraris at the show.

I spent most of the day among the Ferraris, because I was so excited to show off the survivor GTE. Occasionally, I sneaked off to look at the rest of the show field, and there was a lot to see!
we won

We wrapped up the day by winning the “Preservation Class” award with the 250GTE “2259!” It was a deserving car with original paint/interior, and I was glad the judges agreed over all the entries from all the other marques. I could not have been prouder of the car!

I could not have done any of this without the help of the Vintage Ferrari community, so I want to thank everyone who helped. Your support pushed me to get this car, resurrect this car, and bring this car to the public eye. I also want to thank the new owner in believing in me and sharing my vision to bring this car back to her former glory. Cheers!


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