Laguna Seca Saturday

Laguna Seca Saturday


Still on East Coast time, I headed over to the track early to beat the crowds. It was a big year for Cobras, celebrating the life of Carroll Shelby.

Some of the rarest of Cobras were seen all over Monterey. For a rare moment, an owner of one of these cars can park on the street and not be mistaken for a replica! In fact most of the ones seen this weekend were the real thing.

Only in Monterey can one see a Bugatti Veyron parked without attracting a crowd!
headed home

Unfortunately in the middle of my day, I still had one more job to do, and that was to make sure the 500 Superfast I was entrusted with was loaded on a truck and sent back to the owner’s home. I was kind of sad to send such a pretty car away, but I was also kind of glad it was now in the hands of someone else. Once the doors closed on the trailer, I was officially “off the clock!”


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