The pair of 330GTs are getting closer and closer to going home. I made an appointment for a detailer to thoroughly clean the silver car, and to have some small dents removed from the body. I can’t wait to pick up the car to see how it turned out.
steering column

Before I sent out the car, I stripped and painted the steering column. It was looking pretty beat up, and I thought it would be nice to put a fresh coat of paint on the part.

The black 330 got a rebuilt fuel sender, and a couple of other repairs before I gave the new owner the green light to come down to pick up the car.

John came down with his brother Gordon, and the three of us took the Ferrari out in true 2+2 style with the third passenger comfortably in the back seat. I went over the car and the little tips to owning and driving a Vintage Ferrari. Watching the smile on the new owner’s face was well worth the work to get this car sorted and I hope he continues to enjoy the car well into the future. Congratulations John, and welcome into the Vintage Ferrari fold!


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