Parking Brakes and Seat belts

Parking Brakes and Seat belts

2 coupes

We had two PF Coupes at the shop, and it was neat to see them parked next to each other. Both are SII cars with disc brakes and overdrive transmissions. Like I said, one of them is for sale, so e-mail me if you want more information.
250 PF Coupe

The other 250PF Coupe was recently purchased by a customer of ours, and needed seat belts installed.
seat belt

After custom ordering color coordinated belts, I had to fabricate brackets to mount the retractor to the floor. New mounts were installed for the third point of the three point seat belt.
parking brake

The GTE at the shop needed new brake shoes for the parking brake. Once these shoes wear a little bit, it’s very hard to get the brakes to hold with adjustment alone.
new shoes

New shoes arrived from our parts supplier with the proper copper rivets for installation.
bump stops

The front suspension bump stops arrived in the mail as well. The next task will be to remove the old brackets that held the old bumpers that look to be rusted in place.


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