GTE Bump Stops and Tank Panel

GTE Bump Stops and Tank Panel

This week was a slow week at the shop because of “Superstorm Sandy.” Power was knocked out in much of the NYC area, and the shop in CT was hit with everyone else in NY and CT. My area further north of NYC was spared, but it was amazing the contrast driving south into Westchester County, NY and into Fairfield County in Connecticut. I stopped by the shop on the 31st of October to see if I could get any work done. We have a lot of cars coming in for their “winter projects,” along with several cars that want simple things done so they can get the last few weeks of driving before the higher probability of wintry weather sets in. Completion of this work is only done by putting hours in on these cars, so I was trying to get any time I could get. 
bump stops

The bump stops were installed on the GTE with the bottoming out issues. The old plate bolts were pretty seized in place, but thankfully, I managed to remove them without shearing any bolts. That would have been a royal pain in the butt if they didn’t come out. I made sure I put lots of anti-seize on the bolts when I put everything back together so the next guy who has to replace these will thank me when I’m long gone!
trunk panel

This car belongs to a new owner, and I’ve been helping fixing the little things that will make this car better and more pleasant to drive. Behind the carpeting in the trunk, I found the access plate to the gas filler neck missing. This plate seals the trunk from the outside elements and covers the filler neck when you need access. Exhaust fumes, and sometimes gas fumes can get into the car when they leak into the trunk area, so I needed to fabricate a new panel. There’s a small lip on this plate, and a rubber lip seal that’ll have to be fabricated, but it’ll be easy to do since I’ve made these things before.

Here’s a picture of an original one that I can use as a guide.


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