330 Electrics and PF Coupe Details

330 Electrics, and PF Coupe Details

tail lights

An intermittent problem with the brake lights on the 330GT needed a closer look and it pointed towards the rear light assembly.
1157 bulb

The brake light is the commonly found 1157 double filament bulb, but the fixture was loose and not making good contact with the back of the bulb.

After removing the light socket by carefully bending back the securing tabs, I disassembled the back of the light. The internal plastic parts had cracked and was not holding all the springs and connectors in place. The problem is these sockets are getting hard to find, and finding the whole light assembly is not any easier, especially one that matches the “patina” of the opposite light! After a search on the Internet for possible solutions, I ordered some parts to see if I can fix the light. Stay tuned to see if I succeed!
PF Coupe

I have a PF coupe at the shop that the owner would like to sell. It’s a very original car with about 40K original Kilometers on the odometer. It’s a pretty neat “survivor car” with many of it’s original details. Since it was already at our shop, the owner has asked if we were up to the challenge to clean up some of the engine compartment while preserving many of the original details. I was psyched to give it a shot.
engine details

There are a ton of clues this car has never apart, but some of the parts were a little too crusty. The paint on the valve covers were flaking off, and the clear cad plating on the acorn nuts were gone and rusting. The fuel lines were still original, and probably dissolving from the new gasoline. 

The carbs were pretty crusty as well, with a lot of sediment in the the bowls, so they were removed for cleaning.
fuel rail

I’m sending out the fuel rail for re-chroming, and removing the hose clamps for some fresh plating.
vacuum hose

I’m struggling, however, with some of the original details. This vacuum hose was an original hose, still with its Pirelli sticker on the hose, but replacing it with a new hose would destroy this piece of originality.
valve train

The valve train is in remarkable shape, and supports the mileage on the odometer. The valve covers were leaking badly, but it was because the engine still had its original valve cover gaskets!

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