250 PF Coupe

250 PF Coupe

carb tops

Cleaning out the DCL6 Weber carbs on the 250PF coupe required a delicate touch. The carburetor bodies were painted black, and when soaking the carbs in solvent too long, the paint could come off. I managed to save the paint on the carburetor bodies, but the carb tops didn’t fair so well. After years of spilled fuel and dirt, the paint came off with all the dirt. I was left with no other option but to strip the rest of the paint off and repaint. I found a very good fuel resistant epoxy paint that matches the original paint, so no one will ever know!
vacuum hose

With great care I removed the vacuum hose from the rear intake nipple. The outer sheathing seems to be coming off, but the inner hose seems to be intact. I hope I can still use this hose as it’s a true archaeological piece!

Speaking of original parts, I found original valve adjusters still on the valve train! The square top adjuster (arrow) were original equipment on the 250 engines, but I believe by the 330 engines, the adjusters were changed to the elongated shape. Although I’m sure there was a supply of square adjusters available in the parts supply, these were quickly replaced with the later adjuster over 40 years ago! I wasn’t sure if I was to be surprised or alarmed that the original adjusters were still on this engine. If the adjusters were good, it was proof this was an original engine with confirmation of its low 44,000 km miles on the odometer. Fortunately, on closer inspection, the valve stems were in very good shape, and only a couple adjusters showed wear.
brake resevoir

I always say there’s a big difference between a “survivor car” and a “piece of crap!” The original paint on the brake reservoir was well past its service life, and it was time to strip it off, remove the rust, and apply a fresh coat of paint!

I’m still waiting for the plating to come back, but many of the painted portions are done and getting reinstalled. 

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