330 Light Assemblies, and 250 Axle Seals

330 Light Assemblies, and 250 Axle Seals

light assembly

A couple of weeks ago, I took a rear tail light assembly apart to fix a bad socket, and I found a solution.
Light insert

A company makes pigtail connectors for the 1157 bulb assembly that I modified to fit inside the original socket. The connector also needed a little bit of shrink tube to keep the contacts from shorting out on the spring, but with some filing and fitting, I got it to work. This saved the original light assembly, and the trouble of finding obsolete parts that would have to match the finish and condition of the other brake light assembly.
axle seals

As I went to adjust the parking brakes on the PF Coupe, I found one of the rear axle seals was leaking gear oil. New seals were ordered, and I took the rear hubs off to change the seal.
cotter pins

On assembly, I made sure to remember to mark the location of the cotter pin hole on the axle shaft to make it easier to line up the holes in the hub. RTV was used on many of the mating surfaces and axle nut even though there wasn’t any from the factory. These mating surfaces can use a little help with the sealing after all these years. With the new seal, and sealant applied to the usual failure points, we have a much better chance of a leak free axle!
steering wheel

I’m busy at home working on some steering wheel restorations. Winter tends to see a rise in steering wheel restoration since some owners take their cars off the road when the weather gets cold. I’ve got the black 330’s wheel masked and ready for its second coat of varnish, and Tom Wilson’s steering wheel just arrived in the mail. Tom’s car is in the process of a complete restoration, and is freshly painted. The arrival of the steering wheel means we’re that much closer to his car getting done! Tom’s website is: http://ferrari250GTE.com

This steering wheel is in pretty good shape, and the wood only shows minor cracking. I’ll have to clean off the dirt and DNA off the back of the spokes, however, before I proceed with the polishing and refinishing!

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