330 Bushings and a Final Valve Adjustment

330 Bushings and a Final Valve Adjustment

new bushings

New bushings were fabricated and pressed into place on Yale’s leaf springs.

With the driver’s side spring installed, I wanted to show an important point. Notice the position of the shackle and how it’s positioned at about 6 o’clock when the suspension is loaded. When the spring is removed from the car, it will want to curl into the shape of a “U,” that’s why a spring compressor is necessary for this job. When reinstalling the spring, the compressor flattens the spring so everything lines up correctly.  If the leaf spring is allowed to arch too much into the shape of a “U,” the shackle will turn inwards, and the spring will not articulate correctly. The shackle will be in the wrong position, the suspension will be overly stiff, and the ride height will be wrong. After getting everything set up correctly, the spring is kept in position by carefully setting up the axle limiting cables so it does not allow the axle to drop and screw up the position of the spring.
valve adjustment

The SII 330 engine we’ve been working on is just about ready to send on its way. After running it for several hours on the bench, I took the valve covers off to check the head torque and valve lash.

The mechanical work was easy compared to trying to figure out how the box went back together for shipping!

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