Happy New Year and Thank You!

Happy New Year and Thank You

January 1st ends my 2012 Pledge Drive, and I want to thank everyone who contributed. Your donations help support the expenses of this website, and makes it more bearable when I have to fix the inevitable problems that arise at the most inopertune times! I love hosting this website and giving the community of gearheads and Vintage Ferrari Fans a destination to visit every week if not every day! Your support reinforces the notion that you like what you see, and although I would do it anyway, your commitment to this website is definitely appreciated. Here’s a list of this year’s contributors:

J Vardanian
T Erlandsen
C Buurman
A Mongillo
L Kowalski
S Meltzer
P Polasek
D Hodge
R Gaeta
J Asp
S Hallowell
K Outwater
J Barker
R Palmer
C Gardenhour
M Valsi
J McNeil
R Hoover
William Tayloe
J Fisher
M Hoffman
L Zinkin
J Wickstead
M Menzel
Y Evelev
F Botti
T Wilson
T Martinez
B Phillips
Z Dugger
S Crater
A Murray
T Phillips
J Ruth
S Shaw
R Garre
D Crozer
P Hall
T Waller
J Barta
D Minnick
S Ross
S Lapp
C Youngberg
W Taylor
S Muzekari
J Tewksbury
A Pezzella
M Meehan
E Newman
L Smith
M Travers
R Shimmell
M Greenspan
T Treue
M Bayer
E Newman
S Smith
A Suckewer
R Cranshaw
S Allen
T Oda
R Phillips
B Galdston
K La Velle
N Cipparrone
A Brent
S Klion
G Brendel

There may be a delay for me listing contributors who sent checks in the mail, but if you don’t see your name and you pledged, please feel free to contact me! tom@tomyang.net

Donations can be sent via Paypal through clicking this button below, or sent to my paypal account: tom@tomyang.net


You can also send checks made payable to Tomyang.net LLC

Tomyang.net LLC
P.O. Box 36
Hollowville, NY 12530

Thank you all for your donations. I look forward to bringing another year of Vintage Ferrari activities, and I hope to share some of these experiences with you in person. Have a Happy New Year!

Tom Yang

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