330 Engine Work, and PF Coupe Interior

330 Engine Work, and PF Coupe Interior


The head work on the 330GTC we have at the shop continued. I lapped the valves to the corresponding seats and cleaned everything up.

There are not a lot of miles on this engine, but these heads were done about 20 years ago, so we felt it was a good idea to change out the valve seals. Although they seemed to still be sealing well the rubber was definitely harder than the new replacements. 

The core on the radiator was clearly clogged. Scale and debris had been collecting for many years.
partially clogged

Even the the half of the radiator that was somewhat unclogged was not in great shape.

A new core was installed and I got ready to install the electric fans.

Another shop had installed modern electric fans, but I wasn’t crazy about the installation. A mounting bolt that held the A/C compressor was interfering with one of the fans, so I decided to try and fabricate a better mounting bracket.

If I can get this bracket to fit in the tight confines of the car, it’ll keep the fan blades from hitting anything.
sagging panels

I took some time this week to sort out the rear seat area on the PF Coupe. The foam under the original pieces had crumbled away, leaving the vinyl pieces loose and sagging.
wheel wells

The first step was to pull the panels off and vacuum the old foam that was compressed and turning to dust.
new foam

The inner wheel arches turned out well, and I straightened out some of the wrinkles in the bottom cushions.


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