Finishing the GTC

Finishing the GTC

330 Engine

We made good progress on the GTC at the shop this week. The valve train was installed and lash was set before the heads were installed and torqued in place. Special care was taken at this point to make sure specific o-rings and oil seals were in place and sealed as the heads were installed. We prepare all the parts much like an operating table with all the parts, sealants, and tools laid out because once we start, we can’t stop until all the parts are properly installed. A mistake made at this point would bring on a whole host of water and oil leaks. 
330 engine

Once the heads are in place, there’s a long list of things that have to be done:
Time the cams to the flywheel marks and install timing chain to cams
Time the distributors to the cams and move the engine to check the points are lining up with “AF 10” marks.
Connect wiring to coils
Install and seal the distributors to the heads
Install the tach drive
Cut and fit the cam cover gaskets
install intake o-rings
install intakes and carbs
install vacuum hose on rear intake
install starter heat shield
install headers
attach exhaust
install cam covers with special care on the areas known for leaks
install throttle rod and linkages
install choke bracket and cable
install throttle cable
install oil filters
add oil
install spark plugs
install ignition wires, cap and rotors
install fuel rail and hoses
prime fuel system to ready for start up…

The owner had told us there was a leak coming from the fuel regulator mounted on the firewall, and when I pressurized the fuel system, it became obvious the leak was coming from the diaphragm inside the regulator. Luckily we had one of these rebuild kits in stock, so I set out to install new rubber parts. Before assembling the parts, I surfaced the mating surfaces flat so the new parts would have the best chance of sealing.


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