GTC Wheels, Shifter, and Windows

GTC Wheels, Shifter, and Windows


The wheels and tires had to be addressed on the GTC we’re prepping for paint at the shop. The tires are pretty old and dry rotted, showing some cracking on the side walls. The paint was also chipping off on the wheels, so we’ll have to take them apart. The tires are also the wrong size for a GTC. The correct tire is a 205VR14, which was made right before the sidewall designation was added to radial tires. The 70 series tire is smaller in diameter. It’s a pretty common mistake on GTCs, GTSs, and GTBs. These cars came with tiny 14 inch wheels with corresponding tires (considered balloon tires compared to the low profile tires of today), and that was correct for that era so you’ll never go wrong if you keep things stock!

The Magnesium wheels are pretty porous, and without proper surface prep, the pitting can show through the paint.
trim rings

The first task was to get the trim rings off without bending the hell out of them. My technique was to loosen the hub bolts and gently tap the bolts to evenly force the trim ring off the hub. The fit is almost always very tight, but they eventually came off.

Another item I needed to add to the chrome pile was the shifter. The chrome was worn thin, and the steel underneath was rusty from hand sweat and use. Automotive restoration is going through a reevaluation these days with “survivor cars” being all the rage. Some people would call this kind of wear “Patina,” but when a lot of the interior will be fresh, a rusty shift lever will not look good. I decided, however, to leave the shifter plate alone. The finish on this piece was excellent, and I felt there was no need to refinish it. The chrome on these pieces have a brushed finish on it, and often needs special handing instructions for the plater. Getting it to look right can be tricky, so I left well enough alone.

The center console may have to redone.

There was a big tear on the side that will be hard to hide.

I also saw signs of cigarette burns on the console vinyl.

Although Bill, the previous owner quit smoking years ago, I could imagine him in his younger care-free days holding a cigarette in his right hand rowing through the gears in his Ferrari on some back road in New Jersey!

The radio was an 80s replacement unit, but I’m on the hunt for a period correct Becker to put back in the console.
weather stripping

There was still a lot of small pieces of weather stripping that needed to be removed. Some of these were held in by screws that needed to be carefully extracted, or drilled out.

With the front and rear glass removed, I wanted to scrape away some of the caulking and sealants used around the window openings.
rear window

Although the painter should prepare this area when they paint it, the better condition I send this car to them, the more I’ll be insured a good job returns.

The door bottoms of this car are remarkably clean and rust free.

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