More 330s

More 330s

bottom pan

I started the final push to assemble a 330 engine we have at the shop. I needed Francois to check the cam timing before I closed up the engine for good.
pan plug

With the bottom pan installed, I discovered how chewed up the oil drain plug was. We’ll find a suitable replacement before we put oil in the sump.

A new 330GT 2+2 arrived at the shop this week. It’s another black Series II, and I knew the previous owner. I saw this car several times at the Spring Radcliffe/ car show, and it’s nice to have a closer look at the car.

Besides the usual inspection and tune up items on this car, I needed to address an overheating issue on this car. The new owner was finding the engine running a little hot at idle, even with the electric fans running. I consulted with the previous owner, and discussed what had already been tried to fix the problem. Inspecting the work, I noticed the dual electric fans sitting a little too far away from the radiator core. A replacement A/C condenser was mounted in the wrong position pushing the fans even further away. With the car idling, and the fans blowing, I found most of the air flowing around the radiator and not through the core. I managed to install a pair of electric fans on another A/C equipped SII 330 much closer to the radiator and I’m hoping by moving the fans closer, we’ll get more efficient cooling.

When I removed the fans that were installed, I found two 12 inch units, which were smaller than what I managed to fit in another car, so I’m going to get larger fans to help with the cooling as well.

Save the Date! May 4th 2013

6th Annual Radcliffe/ Spring Car Show
12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Register to show at the Radcliffe Website or call  410-517-1681


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